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India a country with a glorious history and a land of colours and happiness. Maybe we are lacking behind in a lot of things but one thing that always has been on the top for us is our country. One thing among many that inspire us with a plethora of patriotic movies is Bollywood.
Our country has a glorious history and with that it is very obvious for filmmakers to dig deep in our history and come up with some amazing films about our soldiers, wars, leaders or event that happened in the past. I have always believed that movies can have a very big impact on us. In a world which is full of things that can churn us out, I have believed that a well-made film can have a very positive impact on us.
Just small scenes where the hero takes our flag and upholds it gets us all riled up and fill us up with pride for our country.

So on our 72nd Independence Day lets revisit these films that provoked this pure feeling of pride for our country within us.

JP Dutta’s Border is a movie about the Longhewalla battle from 1971. Almost everyone has watched it and still every time we watch it, it starts a sense of pride among us for our soldiers who are continuously battling for us at borders.

Raazi came out this year and is based on an Indian spy who puts her life in danger for her country. This movie tells us a story about people who are willing to do anything for their country.

Rang De Basanti
The film narrated the story of patriotism in a unique and fancier manner. The film showed us what would happen if today’s youth was as driven as the youth of pre-independent India.

This movie revolves around a young Muslim who has just returned to Mumbai from the United Kingdom and gets stuck in a bad situation wherein an Islamic group wants him to carry out a bombing.

Mangal Pandey: The Rising
How the war started when the real heroes of our country refused to work for the British Army.

Chak De India
The movie is about the journey of 15 everyday girls and their coach to win gold for India and to see the Indian flag on the top. It is quite honestly the most proficient sports film made in India.

Few Indian farmers who start a cricket match with some officers of the British army to win their fields back. This movie will take you on a journey, will make you laugh and will make you weep as well.

A Wednesday
This movie is about a common man who has lost so many and seen others losing so much and therefore decides to take things in his own hand. It will give you something to think about in the end.

This movie is based on the Chittagong mutiny and tells the story of one of the bravest freedom fighters of our country.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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