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Having a resting bitch face is not that of a big deal as much people try to make it. If you are one of those people with a resting bitch face you know how annoying it can get. The thing which is most annoying is that people keep on questioning your every move. People keep thinking that there is something wrong with your life and that you are unhappy maybe that is why you are not smiling. Sometimes worse people start thinking that you don’t have feelings at all.

I mean guys come on, okay smiling is a good thing but there are people who don’t like doing it every time that is why having a resting bitch face is just okay and you shouldn’t be bothering people so much about it. If you see someone with RBF that doesn’t mean that they need you hugs or sympathy or that you need to fire questions like “are you okay?”, “are you mad about something?” or “hey SMILE.” It is annoying as F**K.

Here are some things that only a person with Resting Bitch Face can relate to:

1. Even if you are feeling like a bright ray of sunshine from inside but if you ain’t smiling people just assume that there is something wrong.

2. People keep on asking you: “What’s wrong?” “Why are you pissed?”

3. Your friends quite often assume that you are mad at them.

4. Noone understands your jokes.

5. People keep on telling you to smile more.

6. You are always ready to answer questions about your well-being.

7. People think that you don’t have any emotions because all your emotions look the same.

9. People avoid making eye contact with you.

10. You look psychotic when you smile.

11. Everyone is shocked when you smile.

12. You always have to explain to people that this is how your face looks and things are fine.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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