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The three questions that have been troubling the mankind since eternity are:-
1). Do aliens exist?
2). Is there an alter-world?
3). Was the climax of Inception set in dream or reality?
We do not know anything about the first two questions but the third question’s answer has been answered by Michael Caine and we just cannot thank him enough.
The ending of the movie has been one of the most debatable topics among cinephiles and finally, the truth has been broken. Christopher FUCKING GENIUS Nolan’s epic film ‘Inception’ was a mind-fuck movie that left the viewers with awe and a lot of questions. Anyone who watched it also wondered what the final scene depicts. Well, this is the scene we are talking about:-
<iframe width="100%" height="250" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Dom Cobb has a spinner like thing that spins indefinitely in a dream. At the end of the film, we see that he's reunited with his children and father-in-law, played by Michael Caine.
Now, in the film, as Dom walks away we see that the top is still spinning and that makes us wonder if Dom is still dreaming?
Finally, Michael Claire revealed the thing, he says:
"When I got the script of Inception, I was a bit puzzled by it, and I said to [Nolan], 'I don’t understand where the dream is,'" Caine told the crowd. "I said, ‘When is it the dream and when is it reality?’ He said, 'Well, when you’re in the scene, it’s reality.' So get that — if I’m in it, it’s reality. If I’m not in it, it’s a dream."
So, basically, in whichever scene Claire was present, that was not a dream but reality.
Hence, it is proved that the ending was in fact reality and not a dream.
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- Shivam
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