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Everyone has some unique eating etiquettes. Some just tend to focus on food while some are the Instagrammic foodie who just needs to post everything they munch on!
A creative act bought the 5 most relatable types of eaters that we witness in our everyday life, so scroll and enjoy:-
The type of eater whose emotional barrier is neutralised by a tub of ice cream, fast food or crispy pizzas. A breakup, pathetic office life or if they happen to see Kal Ho Naa Ho; they are bound to sob and ask for food to help them recover and yeah, they eat shamelessly!
You pray to the almighty that you do not sit with this person at the table. They are someone who’d say – “I am not hungry, I will just have a salad” and then end up eating your finger-licking good food. They are actual psychopaths!
The type of eater who inspires us to go the protein way but our cravings just won’t stop. These are the people who get up at 5 am to smash a spirulina, bee pollen, and matcha smoothie before their daily morning run. Damn, I am already feeling tired and they do it EVERYDAY! They are someone for whom BURGERS is an unknown word.
They are someone who put on their judgemental spectacles before eating food. Someone who can guess the wine by its smell. They are always ready to pin point the mistakes that have been made (in their head) while making the food or how the food could have been much more sumptuous. Listen, you fucker, just eat, all right!
The Instagrammers have grown exponentially in the last decade and there’s no end in sight. They are someone who writes – “I LIVE FOR FOOD” in their Instagram bio(s) but the fact is that they live for vague attention. They don’t enjoy the food, they have never felt the joy of spices creating a spark in your mouth when you consume the first bite of delicious Rajma-Chaawal, they just care about the 1k likes that their picture might get. Also, they consider themselves as Food Bloggers, LOL!
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- Shivam
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