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You might have heard the phrase “main kuch sochta hu toh uska ulta hi kyu hota hai?” This phrase, I feel sometimes, was tailor made for some special people. If you are one of them, join the club with that food stuck in your teeth. Let’s hear the story now…
So, tomorrow is going to be a smashing day as after a long long time, I am fully and completely prepared to seize the day. So, to celebrate my future, I can have some butter naan and butter chicken right?
The worst decision of your life….
Ways Food Stuck In Your Teeth Ruins Your Day Entirely:
1. Get up in the morning: When you find out the last night you ate the butter chicken, one of the chunks decided to stay inside your mouth.
2. While brushing: Aaj toh aisa brush karunga ki masure bhi nikal aayenge!
After brushing: OH MY F^%*ing LORD! How are you still there?
3. Other day in metro: When will I reach? Nothing to do in this crowd!
Food stuck in your teeth: Oh, didn’t realise I reached but this f%*^in chicken in my teeth is still there!
4. When you are so dedicated in getting the food out of your teeth, you get hit by the office door.
5. When you are in a meeting, your mind in stuck on your teeth.
6. Going for a movie: Oh no! I already have that chicken in my teeth, now I don’t want popcorn hanging out with that chicken!!!
Me: No, I will just have 7 cups of cold coffee…Large.
7. Finally when the chicken is out of your teeth, that feeling though!!!
Yes, you have found paradise, now forever be grateful and never dare to eat chicken before a great day.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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