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Everyone loves watching Koffee With Karan. Some watch it for the controversies that the show brings to us while some watch it for the bromance that the actors have between each other or the girl love that the actresses shower upon each other. We might have different reasons to follow the show but we all binge watch it.

There are many fans of Koffee with Karan as the show makes us witness the other side of our Bollywood celebs and also because the show is full of KJo’s sassy comments. The show aired first in 2004 and since then there have been 5 successful seasons. With every season there are new revelations and new controversies. It’s not just Karan who is throwing all the sass in the show which is one more thing that is changing with every season. Lately, our Bollywood celebs have also upped their game and are coming up with witty answers.

The actors have upped their game now and so Karan is being roasted on his own chat show. Karan Johar is coming up with a new season of Koffee With Karan and so we thought this is the right time to go through these memories of Karan being roasted by the guest that came on his chat show.

Farah and Karan leave no chance to pull each other's leg. This time Farah Khan hillariously roasted Karan on Koffee with Karan.

Well, we also want to know why Karan is so obsessed with Farah's sex life. But Farah being Farah gave him a befitting reply.

This was my favourite episode where Kangana made Karan The Movie Mafia and Saif had no idea why was he there stuck between the two of them.

Kangan didn't let him speak on his own chat show and it was funny seeing how helpless Karaqn was feeling.

Kangana - You are the Queen.

When Aamir confessed that he only pretends to like Karan's chat show but he absolutely hates it.

Karan went into a state of shock after this answer.

Tell us, Karan. "What are you? Facebook?"

Well said Anushka.

Mic Drop!!


Mrs. Funnybones being candid about her standards.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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