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There is a quote that says “ART PLEASES”, well I would like to mould it a little and rephrase it as “ART AMUSES”.
What? Don’t believe me? You really need to have a look at 3D illustrator Miguel Vasquez works. He has been working with our favourite cartoons for a while now, trying to reimagine them as real human beings. He picks up a cartoon character and transforms it into a strange and creepy human form. We are just astonished by how someone’s perspective can create things that are so surreal that they can change our thinking module. The characters we all grew up watching, the characters who are still etched in our hearts can make us so petrified; beyond UNIMAGINABLE!
Some of his transformed figures are so terrifying that you will get nightmares even in broad daylight.
Scroll and see for yourself :-
1). Homer Simpson
The character who made us laugh with his cheeky lines would be this terrifying in human form.
2). Sponge Bob
The adorable sponge bob is making me look for Jesus now!
3). Phineas
Phinny, I never thought you’d give me such horrific feels.
4). Nigel Thornberry
Oh God!
I am writing this letter whilst hiding under a bed. Someone call the priest!
5). Patrick Star
Patrick, WHY? WHY? WHY?
You have always been my favourite, you look so good hogging on those crunchy burgers, you really don’t have to turn a human, PLEASE!
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- Shivam
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