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Do you remember the first guy or girl you dated? If yes, then you must also remember the funny and awkward things that happened when you started dating. Dating can be funny and embarrassing at times because there is nothing more complicated than dating.

Going on dates can be a big task at times. You don’t know how your date is going to turn out and that is the scariest part. Maybe you felt bad or good about things you did when you started dating but when you look back at it; they are just a bunch of funny memories to laugh at.
Also when you are young, you have no idea how this dating thing works and so you keep on moving forward with things that are right in your head. But as you grow up and look back at your life you realize how funny things were and how stupid you were to attempt things that you actually attempted.

We asked 10 people to share their funny and embarrassing dating stories and we got some hilarious answers.

This is what I meant when I said dating can be funny and embarrassing at times.

It's okay bro. It happens sometimes.

2. "My boyfriend didn’t break up with me but ghosted me."

If this ever happens to you, just leave.

That guy had temper issues, I think.

Is that even a thing to complain about.


It was a big miscommunication thing, guys.

These two discussed the whole history of walnuts. What a bizarre thing to talk about on a date. But, gain hey who knows what to talk about.

He thought it was romantic but now I think he knows it was stupid.

Young love is magical and funny both. We make mistakes, we do embarrassing and awkward things but these things make us learn alot like one thing it teaches us is that we shouldn't be doing it. Right?
If you have any funny or awkward dating stories that you want to tell us, you can share it in the comments below.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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