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Being a woman in India comes with its own set of challenges and pressure. One pressure that every Indian woman goes through from a very early young age is the pressure of getting married. I have always dreaded the idea of getting married, not because I hate the idea of getting married but because I have been told so much about it and pressured so much to think about it that now just the thought of it scares me.

Earlier not getting married used to be like a big protest but with time more and more women are making this choice and are happy. This idea of getting married to be happy is just plain BS, I have seen women who are not married and are happy and successful in their life. But society is still being a little bitch about women making their own decisions and living their life on their own terms.

When society sees a woman making the same choices that men have been making for centuries now, they are like, “woah! Hold on woman, you can’t do that.” Even Bollywood movies subjectifies woman and questions the character of a woman who drinks, smoke, have casual sex, remain unmarried or decides to marry late. Any woman who decides to break these stupid rules made by the society for just women or the women who are liberated badass are marked as characterless.

But how can these small things decide someone’s character? Women don’t want to hurt anyone, they just want to make their own choices and live their life on their own terms. Some drink to have a good time, while some drown in whiskey to forget about the pain in their life. Some choose to be in long-term serious relationships and then have sex while some think that relationship is not for them and they indulge in casual sex. Some choose to get married as soon as the law allows them while some hate the idea of marriage.

Everyone should be allowed to make choices irrespective of their class, colour or gender and they should be allowed to do it without the fear of getting judged or being marked as a woman without character. How is it okay if a man makes the same set of choices but if a woman makes the same choice in her life she is a slut.

If forcing someone to drink is wrong then judging someone on their habit of drinking and forcing someone to get married is also wrong. It is a free country and in a free country everyone should be free. So next time you judge a woman on her choices, you better think once.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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