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Fashion never remains constant. Just as the world is moving at a fast pace, similarly fashion is also moving forward. Especially street style has come a very long way. From a few people superstitiously trying out some new streetwear to every blogger and fashionista trying to figure out the world of street style looks, it has changed in a very vast proportion.

What started with a few candid snaps is a million dollar industry today. Every style hungry man is stalking some blogger to learn about something new in fashion. In a fast-moving world, it is very important to be updated about fashion. Earlier men used to not put in much effort to know and understand fashion but that is also changing now.

There are so many male fashion bloggers today. And if you notice many men are making an effort to bring something new into their wardrobe. I know following fashion models and taking care of every change or keeping track of every new addition in the fashion world can be very difficult.

So what you need to do is forget these supremely perfect models and start following the street fashion. Forget the try-hards and start following the style that makes you feel you. Your style should be a reflection of you.
Fashion is the best way of expressing yourself and therefore you should make sure that you add something that is mirror of you. If you are looking for some inspiration in street style looks, here are some awesome ideas for you.

A plain white shirt can always do wonders if matched with the right things.

Trying wearing a good combination of colours.

Add some good accessories to your outfit. Like a cool pair of glasses, cap and a good bag.

Summers demand something light and casual and so this is the perfect look for summer.

Stripes are in this season to trying adding more strips to your wardrobe.

Keep it classy with a casual yet stylish t-shirt and a comfortable work pant.

Look like an ideal man with a classic long sleeve t-shirt, a trucker denim jacket and a fatigue pant.

Printed shirts are the new trend this season, pair them up with chino trousers and make every head turn.

Look how cool this floral shirt looks with these blue sneakers.

Everyone needs to have a leather jacket in their wardrobe. Create an ultimate casual look by pairing a leather jacket with a white tee and light jeans. Complete the look with a pair of white shoes.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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