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Puns are not everyone’s cup of tea. There are people who just ignore puns and punny people like my Tinder matches ignore me after the first chat. *sobbing in corner*
But, those who love puns and give out their laugh as a reward to the genius wordplay are someone who deserves nothing but heaven.
So, Indian Hills Community in Colorado surely loves puns a lot which is why they have put some community boards across the region that are so punny that they will make you giggle and whistle for the maverick-sort-of -work.
Vince Rozmiarek, a Colorado native and the man behind all the funny jokes explained that it all began when he started volunteering at the community center. He said: "5 years ago, on Aprils fools day, I put up a sign that really stirred up the area. We have a heavy police presence in the town of Morrison, which is next to Indian Hills, and they run a ton of speed traps. The sign said "Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, slow down". Many people believed that prank, and the amount of attention it brought was really surprising.”
From then on, he decided to put puns and jokes up a couple of times a week. He further said:
"I also try to create unique holiday puns/saying, and current events that I feel are important. It is hard to keep coming up with material, but I do try"
Scroll and have a Punny Day!
1). Topical Humour At Its Best
2). Because Taking Offence is The New Cool
3). Fly Like An Eagle And Go Cheel Around Some Mountains
4). Best One
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- Shivam
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