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Shoes are a very important part of a man’s overall attire. A guy can be dressed in his best clothes from top to bottom but if he chooses the wrong shoes, the whole outfit can fall apart. Although fashion has gone very forward and now styles can be mixed and matched. But if you wear anything which is too conflicting with your outfit, it can make your whole outfit look odd.

But owning a pair of shoes for every outfit doesn’t sound like a great idea. Instead, you can own a pair of shoes that can fit into your every look and outfit. Thinking which shoes can be versatile enough to look good with every piece of clothing. You might be surprised to hear this but Monk Strap shoes fit into this category.

Monk Strap shoes have a formal appearance but you can carry them with your casual outfits as well and that too without much effort. Monk shoes are very much similar to the loafer shoes, but they come with a touch of oxford shoes. The main features of Monk shoes are: you can slip into them easily as they come with no laces and they have a single or double buckle strap. Mostly you will find monk shoes in leather but they also come in other materials such as suede which looks a little less formal.

Monk shoes look very unique. The single strap and double strap shoe can make a lot of difference to your style.
Single Strap Monk Shoes: It gives more of a streamlined and neat look.

Double Strap Monk Shoes: They have a more complex and unique design which helps in making a statement and will make you stand out in a crowd.

Monk Strap shoes come in different colours but a black colour monk shoe can be your best friend. A black monk shoe gives a unique twist to every outfit and works well with every look.

Casual Look:
A pair of black monk shoes can work surprisingly well if you want to pull off a casual, laid-back look. Pair up black leather monk shoes with a casual tee and a straight chino in some neutral colour.

Formal Look:
You can rock a formal look with monk shoes. The unique style of this shoe is great to boost up a formal look. Just stick to neutral colours when it comes to your outfit.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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