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Kerala is facing the worst flood of the century. The whole state is in midst of a natural disaster, they are facing a lot of crisis in terms of food, shelter and basic living as well but still, it has not affected their morals and values. Recently the fourth floor of a school in Kerala was being used as a shelter. 1200 homeless people who lost their homes during the floods of Kerala were placed in this shelter which is located in the Ernakulam district.

Before leaving the shelter, these people made sure that they cleaned the place. They left the place completely spotless and set an example. If these people would have left the place without cleaning the place it would have been completely okay given the circumstances of Kerala but leaving the place which gave them a roof over their head in a bad situation was not fine with their morals.

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When one of the inmates living in this shelter was asked, why she was cleaning it, she said,
“This place was home for me for last four days. How can I leave it dirty? We keep our home clean right?”
The spirit of these people is truly commendable. We all should take a lesson from them. When a lot of us think that keeping our environment cleaning is a very big task, the people of Kerala take is as their duty.

The people of Kerala have given us a very big lesson that this environment is our home and we shouldn’t keep our home dirty.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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