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Netflix is our favourite spot to chill, cry, laugh, fall in love and everything else. Netflix is my secret new best friend. Netflix’s ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ honestly made me cry so much and I am a hopeless romantic person. If you are a hopeless romantic who love romcoms like me but haven’t seen this movie, you are missing out on so much.

If you have already seen it, let’s talk about the moments that made us squeal and sigh.

- When Lara Jean talks about her secret love letters.
Lara Jean is obsessed with the idea of love. She keeps that part of her heart locked inside a box in the form of beautiful love letters.

- When Lara Jean gives Josh that look.
Who so ever have seen this movie knows about this look. You and I know that Lara Jean had a secret crush on Josh.

- When they kissed for the first time.
They make out to avoid something else, it might sound like a cliché movie scene but I loved it.

- When they have their first real conversation.
Peter turns out to be a guy who is friendly, straightforward, funny and kind of loves gossip.

- When they agree to watch each other’s favourite movie.
Love is crazy and makes you a fool. You agree on doing all kinds of stupid stuff when you are in love like watching some stupid movie with your partner.

- When Peter puts his hand in Lara’s Jeans pocket.
My heart was gone with this scene. Working according to their fake relationship rules, Lara Jean allows Peter to put his hand in her back pocket. He did that is the most adorable way possible.

- When they put each other’s picture as their screensaver.
They did it to maintain a fake relationship but it was super cute.

- When Lara reminds Peter that they are just pretending and Peter looks crushed.
They were cool after that though.

- When Peter tells Lara Jean that he drove all the way across town to buy her favourite Korean yogurt.
Where can I get a guy like him?

- The entire hot tub scene.
This was the moment when they realize they have real feelings for each other.

- When Peter uses Lara Jean as a pillow.

- When Lara Jean finally reads the notes written by Peter.
“I love having a smartypants fake girlfriend.” Can he be any more adorable?

- When Lara Jean reads her last letter which was addressed to Peter.
The movie starts at an adorable note and ends at an adorable note too.

Watch the movie if you haven’t watched it yet. I am going to binge watch it again.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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