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For a happy life with someone you love, a bonding and a strong connection is a virtue. When you start living together, this is when you get to know your partner much better as they leave behind all inhibitions within the closed environment of four walls. You just need to make the most of this chance.
'Our Super Adventure' is a comic diary by Sarah Graley that revolves around her long-term relationship, and the series perfectly proves that a couple need only each other to feel happy. And four cats.
Sarah met her boyfriend 8 years ago and she says: "I was making plush ghosts for an indie punk band that we both really like (Johnny Foreigner, they're great and you should check them out!), and the band advertised a link to my Tumblr page and we ended up meeting through Tumblr pretty much, A few years later we went on a first date and the rest is history! Stef recently proposed to me on our seventh anniversary which was super sweet!"
Sarah started 'Our Super Adventure' as way of documenting little moments in her and Stef's relationship and this thing was an instant hit among the netizens. Sarah says: "We talk to loads of people at comic shows and online who tell us that they do the silly stuff we do in the comics as well and that's really sweet! I think there are a lot of playful nerdy relationships in the world and it's nice to know there's a bunch of people out there in relationships with their best pal who have a friendly sense of humor in their companionship."
Scroll and enjoy some of her best creations:
2). My Idiot!
3). Because Priorities
4). Cute Alert!
5). It's a YES!
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- Shivam
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