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Different people love different things but there is one thing that is hated by one and all, a clichéd 9 to 6 job, right?
Sure, it is essential to add some bucks in the pocket but what about job satisfaction. The calculation goes like:
Desk Job – Joy = Loads Of Money
But, what if I tell you that there are jobs that seem like ‘All-Play’ situation and give you good money as well? Intrigued already?
Ok, scroll down and learn about 3 most desirable jobs around the world that you won’t believe exist:-
1). Nuttela’iciously Delicious Job
Everyone loves Nutella and if you don’t, you are probably from Venus; what if I tell you that you can get paid for tasting Nutella, will you do it? Ferrero is looking for 60 volunteers who will spend three months tasting chocolate, cacao, hazelnuts etc. The job opens in September and the selected candidates will be hosted in Italy.

2). This Job Is Beer’iful
The most leisure thing in life is to travel and drink beer, what if you get paid for doing these two things? World of Beer, a Florida based company offers selected candidates to travel the world and taste different types of beers and review them. In short, they make you travel the world, they make you drink beer and they pay you $12000, could it get any better?

3). Peace At The Beach
Maldives resort Soneva Fushi is looking for a candidate to become a ‘barefoot bookseller’, his job will be to sell interesting books and conduct illustrative workshops for the guests. In return, you get to live in a dreamy resort located in the picturesque locations of Maldives. Oh, and you get hefty amount as well.
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- Shivam
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