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There are very few guys in this wide world who are good at expressing their love. So, when they fail to express their love, mostly girlfriend or partners feel like they are not romantic or in many cases, we start doubting their commitment in the relationship. The truth is, guys are conditioned in a way where they are made to express less and therefore, their way of romance very difficult for girls to comprehend.
Guys mostly express their love through care which will hardly catch your notice because they feel like you need to be protected and pampered. So, many indulge in just protecting you and giving you materialistic things you want. So here is what you can do to help your boyfriend discover his romantic side, read on….
1. When interrupt when they talk
The first step is to let them talk as much as they want, so that they feel you are interested in them. Since they don’t communicate much thus, it becomes a habit for them to keep their feelings to themselves. The more he talks, the more he connects to you and he reveals a newer side to him as well.
2. When they try to do something romantic, appreciate it
So, when he brings you some flowers or any gift or arranges a date for the two of you, show your privilege and he will feel encouraged. Don’t nag about things he didn’t do.
3. Cuddle each other and ask about his childhood stories
This way, not only he will feel good but then you can both share stories and discover more about each other. Do not judge him when he shares the stories or emotes broadly.
4. Give him a task to do something special which is more emotionally driven than materialistic
Ask him to arrange a date where he will prepare everything. This will make him think about your likes and dislikes or what he wants to communicate to you. This might really surprise you.
5. Give some time to build the romance and then he will be yours forever
Even if they don’t emote or show their love, they might have feelings for you which they are unaware of. They don’t feel the need to show their love many times, so give some time to let he feel free to emote and then see how things work out wondrously for your relation.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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