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The Godfather, directed by Francis Coppola is definitely a cinematic brilliance that will never get old. The film bought a new wave of filmmaking and inspired many films. The reason Godfather is regarded as the best film of all time is because of the storytelling technique used by the genius filmmaker. The film shows different shades of life, it is tragic, comic, dramatic, optimistic and brave; all at the same time. The trilogy has given the cinephiles some of the most memorable scenes and dialogues. The lead cast of Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro and Michael Cann made us go swooning over their irresistible charm.
Here are some of the most badass lines from the epic saga :-
1). When Don Coreleone gave all of us a life lesson that is still relevant

2). Micahel’s transformation from a sophisticated man to a criminal master mind was something that made the film much more enticing. When he uttered this line, he completely unleashed the Badass-ery that he had developed.

3). When Sollozzo gave us an insight of the cruel-cruel-CRUEELLL world

4). Vito Coreleone made us realize the importance of family and family members

5). Stay quiet until it’s done. Very safe to say that Michael Coreleone was the Chanakya of cinematic world.

6). When Sonny Coreleone gave Michael a reality check and made us feel that rush.

7). When Don Coreleone gets shot, Tom Hagen utters this line to Sonny and it made us see the devastating effects of human greed to fetch money

8). And, the Best one, that tops all

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Design Credits : Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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