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We know animals and babies are your weakness and so is it ours. When these cute little animals ask for our attention, we cannot help but give them all that we have. They are so irresistible, it is impossible to comprehend our mind when we see this animals have a good time. So here are some pictures to make you feel all kinds of things:
1. Peek A Boo
Hello, I am here if you are looking for me. HIHI!
2. I’ve got your back buddy, always
Unlikely pairs are the best because they have fallen for you completely and now whatever mess you create, they will stick to you.
3. Start the piano at the count of 3…
Always follow my lead, I am your Music instructor.
4. The jaadu ki jhappi
Momma you are always the best, let me be on your arms always.
5. Mast laglera tu!
Can I borrow that look bidu? Mast laglera tu!
6. Do not disturb! Deep in thoughts…
I wish I could have pulled such professional and bossy walk!!
7. Happiness is jump without thinking about anything else
This picture is taking away all my sadness..
8. How do you manage to crack me up everytime baby?
Baby you only know how to change my mood.
9. Pure natural connection
So pure and beautiful picture, this is taking my heart.
10. Yeah I sleep like this!
You gotta problem?
11. And I enjoy myself like this!
Stop judging me, I know you are jealous cause you can’t do this!
12. Am I pouting it right?
Now play along and pout like me, yes I am talking to you!
So, you couldn’t resist right? They are such adorable being and free of society standards.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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