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Janmashtami is celebrated in India with lots of fun and excitement. Janmashtami is the day when the Hindu Lord Krishna was born. Krishna is considered to be the most adorable and mischievous lord of all. Not only that but according to Hindu mythology he is a romantic lover and compassionate friend as well.
It is an important day for the Krishna devotees. Lord Krishna was very fond of maakhan, therefore on his birthday, his devotees pay him tribute by offering maakhan at Krishna temples and by organising Dahi Handi.

Dahi Handi is a ritual which is organised every year on this day. People compete with each other in a Dahi handi competition in which they have to break the dahi handi pot full of curd or butter milk. Whichever team breaks it first is the winner. All the youngsters participate in it to show their devotion towards Lord Krishna. They chant, sing and dance the whole day.

This festival is related to colours and lively rituals. So on this day when you go out to witness all this fun and excitement, you need to get ready properly. Thinking of what to wear? Well, here are some attires that you can wear on this day.

Find out something that has a good combination of colours.

Pair up your outfit with some good jewellery that will make you stand out.

Wear a dress that has good vibrant colours and add some sass to your outfit with your jewellery.

Pair up a long skirt or palazzo with a crop top and jacket.

Good time to twin with your bestie. Decide a colour and match up your outfit. Maybe you can wear a maxi dress and your bestie can wear an off-shoulder top with a long skirt.

If you are working on Janmashtami and need a subtle look then this one is perfect for you. This is stylish, comfortable and sassy.

If you are confused on what colours to wear, you can try this. Wear a simple kurta-pajama and pair it up with a colourful dupatta.

Try something indo-western. Keep your makeup simple, add up some quirky jewellery and voila you are ready to go.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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