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When the great Ghulam Mohammed composed the mesmerising song "Chalte chalte yuhi koi mil gaya tha" for Meena Kumari’s ‘Paakezah’ and Lata Mangeshkar lent her voice to the beautiful composition; the nation and the world went in awe of the song and as the time passed by, the creation became a timeless classic.
Now, when Pakistani singer Atif Aslam recreated the song in the upcoming film ‘Mitron’, it was like a bummer for everyone as the new song doesn’t match the intensity of the original and this has saddened the singing legend Lata Mangeshkar.
The new song picks up the soft tune, and recreates it in such a trendy way that the nostalgic value is killed at the very moment. The new version does not leave an impression on your heart, unlike the original. The new tune is composed by Tanishk Baagchi.
Lata Mangeshkar did not even listen to the song and commented:
“And I don’t want to hear it. This trend of remixing old songs saddens me. Where is the creativity in simply lifting acknowledged, beloved classics and shuffling the notes around? I’ve even heard that the lyrics are changed in the remixes. By whose consent? The original poets and composers wrote what they had to. Nobody has the right to tamper with the creativity of these great composers and lyricists.”
Even Singer and BJP MP Babul Supriyo came ahead and said: "Today, even the‘'poetic' term ''artistic liberty' is at the verge of extinction. With due respect to Atif Aslam, as a singer myself, I will observe a 2 minute silence to mourn rather than offering a comment."
Well, looks like the remixing era has certainly damaged the originality.
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- Shivam
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