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K Madison Moore believes that the power of art is beyond imagination, if you sit and ponder, you can come up with ideas that’d be so out-of-the-box that you will instantly make a mark. Madison was always an animal lover, she has also been an animal activist for many years now. She lives and works in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania where she is surrounded by nature and wildlife, hence, she has seen the fauna in its true-blue form and knows it inch-by-inch.
She recently created a surreal yet amusing series where she tried imagining the wild animals in a hipster look and buuuoooyyyy!
The results are STUPENDOUS, to say the least. The Hipster Animal Gang is the first Series created for Artsy by Madison.
She makes great illustrations that can, afterward be purchased and can be used as home décor and just to tell you, they will surely amplify the beauty of your home.
So, without wasting much time, let us scroll down and gawk at the creativity that lingers in Madison’s work:-
1). Oh, We Are Hipster’Innng!
2). We Stay Royal But We Emit The Hispster Vibes – ROYAL HIPSTERS!
3). The Gang That Is Too Cool For The World
4). I Love That – ‘I Don’t Give A F*ck’ Look
5). Next Rapping Sensation
6). Godfather Walrus – ‘I Will Give Him An Offer, He Cannot Refuse’
The MAFIOSOS In A Single Frame Look So Badass That It Would Put Tony From ‘Scarface’ To Shame!
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- Shivam
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