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Australian Comedian Celeste Barber is an Instagram celeb with her page having as much as 4.5million followers. She is famous for her quirky recreations of famous celebs’ photo-shoots.
Celeste has also appeared onscreen in Australian shows All Saints, Home & Away and comedy series How Not to Behave. She has also gained this much following as she is unapologetically bold about her body and proudly presents it in her parody recreations.
Barbara says that her series has gone viral where people praise her for standing on the matter of ‘Body Positivity’ but she says that she did not start this series thinking about such things, she comments: “Sure, I am a feminist, and who gives a sh*t about what you look like? But I can get people laughing,” said Barber, “That’s how I get my message across. Don’t ask me what my message is though, ’cause f*cked if I know.”
She has trolled many celebrities in her photos including the most famous ‘Kardarshian family’.
Let’s have a look at some of her latest and quirkiest recreations, have a good LAUGH’AHAHAHAHA!
1). I’mma Be Hand-Standing And They Be Hati’n!
2). Pizza For Day, Pizzas For Night, Pizzas On Body, Makes It Feel Light!
3). Booty So Good That It Makes Head Turn!
4). Well, The Cons Of Having Sex!
5). See Here, I Am A Freaking YOG-GURU Biyaaatch!
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- Shivam
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