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We all are obsessed with our favourite singers and actors, we want to know every little detail about them, don’t we? But, have you ever thought of digging the full/real names of your favourite stars, ever? Like, you know, that these stars often keep pseudo names for showbiz, but have you tried to decipher what their actual name could be if we take their pseudo names in account?
Intrigued by this question, we tried to decipher the (or at least tried to) real meaning/ full name of the celebrities and what came out is something that would make you clap for the creative genesis:-
1). Kat Von D – The famous tattoo artist who also appeared in TV series like ‘Miami Ink’ is kinda linked with medical act i.e. vaccination
2). Cardi B – The famous American Rapper of songs like ‘I like it’ and ‘Be Careful’ clearly loves cardigans in her wardrobe
3). Mark Zuckerberg – Since the famous businessman and creator of Facebook was regarded as an android robot after his stale expressions at a conference went viral, we just could not think of anything but a name like this
4). Ice Cube – The famous rapper already had a weird name and we just helped him amplifying it
5). Elon Musk – The man who made everyone’s jaw drop on ground with his genius mind will surely love the creativity done here, amirite? Oh Yeah!
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- Shivam
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