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Every person has used Windows once in his/her life, windows was like the inception for the tech era; with time Mac Os arrived which was technically advanced and fast but even if you don’t use Windows now, you sure have some fondest memories of it in your ‘Tech La La Land’, don’t you?
Since its initial release 32 years ago, Windows has had quite a few bugs and updates, all of which caught the users at the worst possible time. You want to complete and assignment or file a report when the due time is just 1 hour, well guess what, you cannot as Windows need a freaking UPDATE!
And, the pain amplifies when it constantly gives you reminders like ‘It won’t take long’ because hey, it takes long, verrrryyyyyy lonnnngggg!!!!
But, no matter what Windows has given us many memories to cherish and to cry as well, so here is a compilation of some of the best Windows Jokes that won’t get old anytime soon, Scroll and let Bill Gates be aware of these rib tickling memes:-
1). Consent is a thing, Windows, like PLEASSEEE!!!
2). Hahahahah, who else remembers the annoying thing that used to test our patience ?
3). When my father says that, ‘strive hard in life, nothing will happen’ but then a minor inconvenience happens and I be like:
4). Because as they say, ‘Honesty is the best Policy.’
5). Oh, Windows, you are so apt to become a serial killer
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- Shivam
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