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In a recent turn of amusing event, Yakult’s sale went up in a skyrocket speed, all thanks to the new viral teen comedy movie ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved’, that is airing on Netflix nowadays. You must have had Yakult or at least listened to its name somewhere, it is basically a fermented skim probiotic milk drink and it's a dairy product from Japan.
The name of the company is never revealed in the movie but the packaging and everything is so identical that viewers instantly noticed the product, the lactose drink is termed as ‘Korean Smoothie’ in the movie.
The mention of this drink has been there in the movie for a couple of times and indirectly, the product just got a free promotion on such a big platform. There is this beautiful scene in the movie where Lara Jean counters Peter and asks him that why did he go all the way to the Korean store for those ‘Korean smoothies’.
Reports suggest that Yakult was facing a tough time in sales as the ratio was on a downhill but ever since the movie released, the sale of the product started growing and has climbed about 2.6 percent till now.
‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved’ has been a great affair for everyone, girls got a new man to crush on and some fermented drink’s company got its sales up, a win-win situation, I guess!
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- Shivam
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