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Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif posted a black and white image on her Instagram account this Tuesday. The picture started a fire on social media. Her fans went gaga over the sensuality of the picture.
This small minimalistic picture captured a million hearts and made everyone fall in love. But this is not the first time when Katrina with her beauty captured hearts. Katrina knows how to masterfully utilise the black and white images. In fact her social media account is full of these monochrome images.
Katrina is a muse to many. Photographers love Katrina and cannot get enough of her.

This is one of the first monochrome pictures that Katrina Kaif added to her Instagram account. The oomph factor in this picture is just unmatchable.

Katrina posted this picture a few months back and the minimalistic setting of this picture perfectly highlights the attitude of the actress.

Bikers are known for leather jackets but Katrina makes her own statement. Look at her rocking this look with a denim jacket.

This is the image that Katrina posted on Tuesday after which all her fans went bonkers.

This picture shows how to live your life in a Malang way.

Katrina posted this picture after she parted her ways with her ex. Well, her ex must have got the message.

This picture showcases the soft side of the actress.

Katrina Kaif looks so adorable in this picture.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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