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According to a recent research conducted by mifold, the Grab-and-Go portable child restraint, 37 percent of moms and dads have driven with a kid as a passenger despite not having a child restraint in their vehicle. This research also revealed that almost 57 percent of drivers doesn’t have a child seat in their car.

This gamble can have many severe consequences. The lack of understanding regarding the rules of traveling with a kid can be blamed for this act. Around 56 percent drivers admitted that they weren’t aware of the dos and don’ts about a child seat. This research also bought into light that almost 85 percent of people believe that government should raise awareness about car-safety laws, as not everyone knows about the risk involved with this.

Jon Sumroy, father of four kids who invented mifold said, “Road accidents remain one of the biggest killers of young children.
"Child restraints reduce this risk dramatically, but parents are still unnecessarily endangering their children.
"There are compact and portable child restraints that can fit into a child’s school bag or the glove compartment so a child restraint is on hand for every journey.”

The survey also found that almost one-third of the population have allowed their kids to travel in a vehicle that does not have a suitable child restraint. A partner at mifold said,
“Road crashes are the biggest cause of death among 5-25 year olds, so when a child is present in a moving vehicle it's essential the appropriate child restraints are used. Children are some of the most vulnerable road users - no matter how they travel.Their undeveloped frames are open to more severe injuries and ill-prepared to absorb the violent crash forces of a vehicular impact.”

It is very important to be aware of the danger that we put our kids into if we let them go in a vehicle without a proper restraint. Parents and kids need to take care of some key steps while traveling in their vehicle or in someone else’s vehicle. Parents should always take care of the fact that their kids are secured with an appropriate restraint at all times. We need to take care of this for our kid’s protection.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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