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If you are in the bubble, even in 2018, that Facebook is a place where you can communicate with your friends, Dude! You need to update your database. Facebook is ofcourse the place where you can find your ‘Bicchra dost’ but it is also the place where you can find many ‘Bicchra dost’ and ‘Bicchra relatives’ whom you don’t want to connect to.
Facebook would have been a fine place if it had filters to keep away the annoyance and pretence. Well, honestly everyone have to do it because you don’t want to make a fuss about small things. But Hey, who cares! People will annoy you in bulk and that is when the shit gets real:
Here are some things Wanna-be Friends do on Facebook:
1. The sudden a friend request from a relative
The welcome kit of accepting their friend request:
The mutual friend list is too long with 45 mutual friends. You immediately feel, this you can’t ignore otherwise, you will either have to listen to the 2 hour long lecture from your Mom/Dad or sarcasms for being unsocial.
2. Potential stalker alert
The creeps will always be there, no matter what but the problem is that they look like normal human beings. They should have looked a bit differently no, to let us understand them more clearly!
3. The subtle creeps
They will not text you ‘ajeeb o gareeb’ messages but whatever they do on Facebook, they keep in mind what you will be thinking. They are always doing everything to impress others.
4. The image conscious
They are very annoying and not only they filter their profile, they will even filter your filter to show the world that “I am the best and everyone around me is the best”. They will never let you show any flaw or any other sides of them.
5. The Good morning and Good night kind of people
Whatever is written above, these are the worst kind of people. Everyday these relatives send me Good morning and Good night messages with flower pictures, baby pictures and sunrise and sunset pictures. You will never get my heart or even my pretence. You deserve nothing.
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Graphic Designer: Vikas Kakkar
Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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