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Anurag Kashyap – the man who single-handedly, challenged the norms of conventional filmmaking and presented cinema in its truest form. He, in a way, bought the Satyajit Ray era as his films have always been more about ‘story’ and less about who is starring in it.
The man who gave us memorable characters like ‘Drugged out Dev’, ‘Foul mouthed Faizal’ or ‘Creepy Raman’ turns 46 today.
Anurag Kashyap is mostly known for ‘Gangs Of Wasseypur’, no doubt this film had a panache touch when we talk about storytelling, it was just delicious to watch out such endearing characters playing all sorts of politics in the epic blood saga but ‘GOW’ isn’t this maverick’s most accomplished work. He has made films that were way better than ‘GOW’ and today we will discuss three of those Anurag Kashyap films that are underrated as fuck:-
1). UGLY
The film is like slow poison, the thriller engulfs you in Anurag’s dark and gritty world and will make you feel numb at times. The film is an emotional drama that traces the story of a child who gets kidnapped and everyone who is associated with the child starts on a quest to find her but does everyone really care for the child? The film has some great performances and the technical finesse is at its peak. The gripped camera angle shots and intense lightning adds to the mood of this tensed drama. This is undoubtedly, THE BEST ANURAG KASHYAP FILM EVER MADE.

The film traces the journey of a naïve student who gets stuck in a political turmoil and faces deception, power, ruthlessness, homicide and what not. The film also touches issue of ‘Rajasthan Royalty’ and Anurag sews the two tracks of the film to make a genius masterpiece. KAY KAY MENON’s monologue in the film is something to watch out for.

3). DEV D
Dev D was a modern day take on the 1917 Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s tragic love story, Devdas. The film is truly the best film if we talk about contemporary filmmaking. The use of unconventional low angle shots and hipster-like lightening makes it so pleasing to the eyes. The performances were bang on especially Abhay Deol , this role made him a hot-favourite overnight. I’ll also appreciate the background score and the music of the film that was created by the really talented Amit Trivedi.
Oh, I have started craving to watch these flicks one more, I am off to some binge watching….BYE….and once again a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sir!
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