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The world is a crazy place and meme-makers are crazier. They can literally make create gags out of ANYTHING. Sometimes, I feel like bowing down to their creativity.
The pictorial presentation of funny/parody situation never fails to amuse us or tickle our funny bone. There have been instances when someone’s meme got viral and he became a sensation sort of thing on the digital arena; so you can just calculate the amount of effect this meme culture has on us.
Whenever something happens that makes some news or raises some eyebrows, meme-makers see that as their playground. Nowadays, meme makers are busy using Kaepernick's Nike ad as inspiration to make hilarious 'Just Do It' memes.
Scroll down below to check them out for yourself:-
1). Fuck Given = Aryabhatta’s Discovery!
2). Doing Nothing Is An Art And Pooh Is An Artist!
3). John Wick Is Wicked, Do Anything But Stay Away From His Dog Or Your Ass Is Sure To Get Whipped
4). Ahhh..Ahhh…Nike’s Shoes Are Top Class, Cannot Really Say The Same About Their Wage Ethics
5). I Can Hear - 'WAAH MODIJI WAAH....WAAAH!"
6). Thanos Have His Priorities Straight, Half Is The New Cool!
7). Sul Just Got Some Chull, LUL!
8). Indian Moms And Their Favourite Thing To Do
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- Shivam
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