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Vivek Agnihotri is slowly and gradually turning into a scumbag who won’t shy away from throwing lecherous remarks just to get his political stand straight. Recently, Swara Bhaskar expressed her grief with a rape survivor from Kerala. But this didn't go down well with Bollywood filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri who decided to slut-shame her.
Actress Swara Bhaskar is someone who has got the balls to voice her opinion and handle the trolls with utmost sass. So, recently she took to her twitter handle to counter a comment made by Kerala MLA, PC George who spoke something very rubbish about the ‘Nun rape case’, Swara was quick to defame the MLA and calling his thoughts shameful and disgusting, she wrote:
“Absolutely shameful and disgusting!!!! Scum present across political spectrums and religious divides in India. Literally nauseating!”
Responding to Swara’s tweet, Bollywood director, Vivek Agnihotri wrote:
“Where Is The Placard - #MeTooProstituteNun.”
Swara was quick to respond, she said: “Vivek. Just want to point out that you are using the trauma of women who are rape survivors to slut shame and abuse in public a woman you don’t like. In the rare moments of sanity that may visit your brain - otherwise unhinged with hate- think about how low that is.”
Swara did not stop here, she went ahead to file a complaint against the filmmaker turned high-on-cocaine fella and Twitter India immediately took action and blocked Vivek’s account. Swara thanked Twitter and wrote:
“Thank you @TwitterIndia @TwitterSupport 4 taking cognisance of @vivekagnihotri ‘s abusive tweet. And making him delete it! No tolerance 4 cyber bullying & abuse of women on public platforms! (Or private - but one thing at a time) Thank u🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #SayNoToBullying”
Swara Bhaskar, YOU NAILED IT!
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- Shivam
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