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Today, the world is divided into two sections; The Real World and The Instagrammic World. With the internet wave hitting hard, people found a new solace in form of Instagram. They instantly get that orgasmic feel when any of their picture gets like 1000 likes, it is like the shortcut to fame and everyone is bugged by it.
Every Instagrammer is conscious about their followers and account, you try hard like you can devote hours just to get that perfect selfie/photo that can help you fetch the much-needed attention. Even if you click a photo that looks fine but dull in colours, Instagram filters are at your rescue but in real life, no such filter is happening, you are all on your own fighting everyday struggles.
Yes, Instagram can give you some guilty pleasure but the real shit is done when you win against the monster called LIFE.
So, here is a list that perfectly differentiates between the nuances of real life and Instagrammic life, scroll to have a good big LAUGH:-
1). Ah..Ah…the pain is real!
2). I am just thinking how that pug would look like wearing a bra…
3). ABS demand sweat, pain and a lot of swearing…LOL!
4). This got me rolling on the floor laughing….
5). Because life is a deception and you gotta face it
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- Shivam
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