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The Internet has literally changed the geography of the society in recent times. It has given some invincible powers to the mankind but sometimes these powers are misused. Some of the fellow netizens hide behind the never-ending web of the internet just to belittle or harass someone and most of the time their target is celebrities.
Arjun Kapoor is one celeb, who has time and again faced lecherous remarks from the netizens but every time he gave them back like a warrior. From protecting his sister Janhvi Kapoor to standing up for himself, he has always been in light to thrash the so called ‘Internet Trolls’.
In a recent case, the Namaste London actor was called a molester on Twitter and his reply was something that is making heads ponder. He made a really thought provoking point and as the integral part of society, we need to see it.
So, Arjun's co-actor Parineeti Chopra shared a still from their upcoming track Tere Liye and some person was quick to hop in and label Arjun Kapoor as a molester, he went ahead and wrote: 'Is it only me or arjun kapoor looks like a molester in the pic'. He made this insensitive remark without hesitating and further had to face Arjun’s wrath.
Arjun did not ignore the thing rather he jumped in and showed the troller some ‘right-light’, he replied to the comment and wrote: “When terms like this are used lightly it signifies lack of basic human understanding of the how big a deal it is to make sure we don’t take women s safety lightly or as a joke”
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- Shivam
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