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When Modi came in power, he promised that prices of petrol will go down but as we can see petrol has hit the all-time high and even the rupee is falling at a devastating rate, this issue has become a major concern for the citizens who had high hopes from the BJP government. The ever rising prices have put a massive strain on the wallets of a large part of the population.
Now, to hide their failure, BJP came up with a illusionary graph that depicts the petrol rise situation in India and in a way glorifies Modi’s rule and trust me I have not seen something much funnier and naïve in recent times.
This is the graph that BJP tweeted:
Now, the desperate attempt to win the ‘2019 elections’ is truly seen in the graph, netizens were quick to notice all the flaws.
Firstly, between 2004-2009, that is when India was under Congress's rule, petrol prices were hiked by 7 rupees. However, under Modi’s regime, the amount has skyrocketed to take a hike of 9 rupees. You cannot ignore the major hike and disguise it in percentages, can you?
Crude oil prices jumped from $58 to $107 between 2009 and 2014. But since the Modi regime the crude oil prices have dropped to $71 but still, the price in India is around 80 rupees (highest till date).
Now, as expected the flaws came to the eyes of netizens and they were quick to thrash the BJP IT Cell:
Clearly, no logic
And, it's fixed
True That!
Dear BJP, work something productive to solve the current situations, your dumb IT Cell won’t be of any help.
A Fellow Indian.
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- Shivam
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