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People have a weird sense of humour, nowadays, they can make a joke out of anything, anywhere; and we should all thanks to the ever igniting meme culture for that.
You must have noticed this that sometimes a public note or sign is placed to make things a little easy, right?
But, there are some notorious pranksters who went ahead to reply to these notes and served the audience with a laugh riot. And, when the note is a calmly-aggressive complaint about some issue, the hunger to troll it in the most hilarious way possible is an important ground rule. And, of course, the troll should be neck deep filled with sarcasm and wits.
So, we have made a compilation of situations where these pranksters went ahead and made our day a little better with their hilarious antics/replies to public posts/signs, Scroll to have fun:
1). Spotted In Cambridge: Well, the second note does have a valid point!
2). WTF! That is savagery of another level
3). Philosophy can help you see things in a light you’d never imagined
4). Another version of saying “I am not pretty but surely funny!”
5). A great example to show what Sardar Khan meant when he uttered “Teri Keh Ke Lunga”
6). I cannot eat same stuff every day, I need fucking variety, haha!
7). I am not crying, are you?
8). Winters are so tough man, you gotta fight a long battle
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- Shivam
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