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Every child out there finds homework a tedious and boring task, right? But still they have to do it as it’s a norm sort of thing, childhood and homework go hand in hand.
Sometimes these innocent children shed their innocence (unintentionally) to give answers that can baffle you in no time.
Some of the parents took it to social media to post the moments when their children lost all their inhibitions and innocence to give us some hysterical homework fails that have made us gasping for breath while we laughed our hearts out.
We certainly believe that these young lads are going to do big things in the near future because they are a hell lot creative!
There is enough time for them to grow up, till then enjoy their ‘Homework fails’ and bright up your day:-
1). Oh boy! You tried hard to draw a camel but you ended up drawing a…well….nevermind!
2). Spellings are important; otherwise your house can become HOES!
3). All he wanted to say was 9 sheets but destiny had some other plans for the kid
4). The teachers hoped that the cute little child would write crop but the kid knew what the homework was
5). That is certainly not a mop, ahm well!
6). ZERO points for the answers but full points to the surreal creativity that has been presented, don’t you agree with me?
I am wondering if these kids ever get to know what they did, their childhood would get so scandalized.
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- Shivam
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