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We all know about the talented and the most beautiful woman, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She has lived a life which is so well balanced that as a by-product of her lifestyle, she is called the multi-talented woman. Her beauty is ofcourse we see at the forefront but if you observe her, you will know she is a powerfully ambitious woman.
1. Commitment
The woman is madly committed to her work and makes sure that she gives ample amount of time to everything she does. She is not just an actor but she has many endorsements and other business priorities on the side to.
2. Confidence
Remember when her make-up artists put on that purple lipstick on her? Though many trolled her but that didn’t make her flinch from walking down the red-carpet with utter confidence. Everytime she walks and talks, she is very clear of the choices she made.
3. Feminist
Aish is modern, progressive and feminist woman. She is the right example for every girl who wants to do something they have dreamt of.
4. Dignified
Apart from her beauty and talent, she is known for her dignified conduct. She always presents herself to be the most gracious and poised person on Earth. Been in the storm of numerous controversies, she never lost her cool to create another controversy.
5. Her Giggles
Her giggles are as much talked about as hers but she never stopped doing that. She laughs when she wants to without caring whether someone likes it or not.
6. Humble
Though she is an achiever and she have achieved almost everything that she wanted but she is always grounded. With such an unconventional and divinely beauty combined with her fame, it is amazing to see how she keeps herself so humble all the time.
7. Balance
Aishwarya is the one woman who have a successful acting career, her brand endorsements, married to Abhishek Bachchan, mum to Aradhya and part of a joint family. This is only a woman power who is able to do that.
No this is not a Aishwarya praising content but this is empower all the woman who feel a bit reserved to come out the way they are.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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