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Disney Princesses are too sweet and adorable that they can melt your heart within no time. But, have you ever thought about the fierce side of these cute characters? Ever thought that they can totally be badass if given a chance?
No? Well, I don’t blame you for that but a Russian artist has dared to do the different. Russian artist Artemii Myasnikov mixes fantasy and futuristic tech to create a surreal badass versions of our favourite Disney princesses.
The artist quotes: “One night I was watching the “Disenchantment” series with my wife and we started a discussion on what we like/dislike about the main character,” he told us. “One of the things we both liked is how wasn’t a damsel in distress, unlike most of the princesses in Disney movies. I immediately wanted to draw a Snow White (because to me she’s the most damsel-in-distress-y princess ever) that would be armed, dangerous, and in charge of her own fate. That’s how the sequence started.”
He is a full-time artist and works as an art director in a games studio, and often takes out time to post his art on Instagram, he quotes: “I draw girls, strange creatures, and techno stuff, that fully describes my favorite themes,” he told us. “Growing up, I was into Gen 13, all of the Mike Mignola stuff, DC and Marvel comic series (As a child, I was a die-hard fan of X-men series), Mulan, The Transformers, Exosquad, The Animatrics...”
Have a look at his work:
1). Princess Ariel
2). Pocahontas And A Rabid Meeko
3). Belle And The Beast
4). Princess Jasmine
5). Rapunzel Was Never This Fierce
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- Shivam
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