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Teenagers, they live in a very interesting time where literally the Earth is one. But are they making good use of it or they are not aware enough? Well “Awareness” as a concept is not much appreciated at this stage of life because of the tender age. So, what needs to be done is to give them direction to be free but kind to other beings.
Here are some habits or obsessions of Teenager which are overrated:
1. Brand Obsession
Teenager are extremely vulnerable and they, therefore, fall into the trap of pressure very easily. The marketeers use peer pressure to their advantage which is difficult to resist for people in general, let alone the tender age.
2. Dance Music
Okay music or dance music, none is bad but listening to dance music might create some problem in emoting. Since music is a very emotional experience, thus compressing every emotion into a dance beat or through EDM is not the right way. Explore your emotions, let them flow but not in one direction.
3. Gadgets
The technologies have gone so far that moms have given up on worrying about gadgets. Though the addiction is increasing for bad things than good, either they are playing games all the time or clicking selfies to gain some validation.
4. Slang Language
This is not particularly a trait of teenagers but even man and woman in general, they find foul mouthing so amazing for some unknown reason. Ask for freedom but when you misuse freedom like this, none will value you in the end. You are losing the bigger battle here. Demeaning someone, even casually, cannot be a good example for anyone.
5. Smoking and Drinking
Again, things teenagers do for validation, drinking, smoking cigarettes and pot is extremely common. Ofcourse, you can drink and smoke if you are of the legal age but it is pretty much obvious that you are asking for validation when any conversation at the end leads to your drunk stories.
The above mentioned habits are nothing off limits but doing it all the time or getting obsessed with such materialistic things cannot fix your life.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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