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Over the years, events like Comic-Con have popularised the art of Cos-Playing, it’s an art of disguise where a person transforms himself into his/her favourite character from the pop culture. Many times, people have come up with transformations that were unreal and uncanny.
One of the biggest names in the cos-playing arena is Alyson Tabbitha. No one has ever came close to what she does but looks like tables are going to turn as a new player has hit the market with a bang. A girl who goes by the name of Unique Sora(aka Jasmine) transforms herself into any character you give her, people are amused at her talent.
In a recent event she said: "I'm a queer black/PoC cosplayer and in recent events, I had people reposting my cosplay photos without asking. [They] edit and lighten my skin. I think it's so important to share other black cosplayers and let people know."
From Domino From Deadpool 2 to Spincelli from Recess, this girl can don every character like a pro. Scroll down to check out her unbelievable makeovers and be ready to get your eyes popped out:
1). Domino From Deadpool 2
2). Princess 'Kida' Kidagakash From Atlantis: The Lost Empire
3). Storm From X-Men
4). Spinelli From Recess: School's Out
5). Missandei From Game Of Thrones
And this is how she looks in reality:
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- Shivam
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