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India’s 14th Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi celebrates his 68th birthday today. Modi, after playing a pivotal role in shaping Gujarat went on to handle the caricature of a whole country. Its been 4 years since he took the oath and well, the country has certainly gone on a backfoot in his tenure. While his initial years did give some hope but at the end of day, everything went in vain.
His economic plans affected the country very much, the result of which we are now categorized in the list of ‘poor nations’.
But, one thing we will have to give him is that he is an excellent orator, no matter what he does he never fails to amaze the audience with his words but sometimes he gave many absurd statements too. Yes, I am absolutely pointing at ‘Pakora jobs’ and ‘Naala electricity’.
Over the years, he became a perfect meme material and today we bring you a compilation of some of the best memes featuring our dearest MODI:-
1). This Is All Of Us, At Some Point Of Life

2). Modiji Got 99 Problems But Getting Clicked Isn’t One

3). Mitrooo, Pakoda Making Is An Art, Thus It Is A Job

4). If Travelling Was Free, You’d Never See Me Again

5). When Your Favourite Co-Worker Has Not Come To Office And You Are Like:

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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