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From rubbing rocks to using matchsticks for fire ignition, human species have certainly evolved a lot. The intellect has increased but the emotions have gone wrecked. Today, human don’t devote much time to their loved ones because they don’t have time for themselves also.
From living in jungles to making skyscrapers, change is seen in every bit of the ever-evolving civilization but do we really acknowledge or notice these changes, hardly any of us, right?
But Hominin, an illustrator noticed everything and accepted the challenge to show the changes that have happened over the course of 100 years and the astonishing thing is that he depicts these changes via nothing but a ‘Human Hand’.
According to him, a Human hand has been used in development and demolition both; so it is just apt to use this body part to say things he wants to express.
The human hand can be used to create and to destroy. It is all in your hands.
Scroll down to see the surreal art that is indeed an eye-opener:-
1). Combat Skills Are Changed

2). The Different Uses Of Fire

3). This One Shook Me Very Bad

4). Yes, Technologically Advanced But Morally?

5). Ammunition Changed But Not The WAR, It Is There And Will Always Be Here

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- Shivam
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