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Change is the need of time, as the clock ticks to announce a new year, new decade or a new millennium; everyone starts craving for some changes; right?
And, we want change in everything particularly in things that we love and let us admit that in today’s era there is hardly anyone who isn’t a fan of pop culture, it is something that kind of completes our everyday conversations. Yeah, I mean don’t tell me that you never discussed about Joey and Chandler’s brotherhood with your pals, you did, right?
And, if we adore pop culture this much, we definitely crave for some good changes that can evolve this arena. And, thankfully, creators do come up with innovative ideas that make a difference without compromising the root vibe.
With that idea in mind, an artist from Los Angeles - Jeff Victor - has depicted exactly that - evolutions of the most iconic pop culture characters from their earliest concepts to how you may recognize them today. The results are eye catching and amusing and let me just say it, the results are adorably CUTE!
So, without wasting much time let’s scroll down to gulp in some changes:-
1). Thor Looks Amazing In The Most Recent Look

2). Cap Was Always A Charmer

3). God Of Mischief Loki’s Transformation Is Unbelievable

4). A ‘Beardiful’ Luke Skywalker

5). Iron Man Looked Like A Trash Can 1960’s

6). Hahaha…Deadpool In 2018, Remember That Scene? Of Course You Do!

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- Shivam
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