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The saying Better late than never perfectly sums up the recent decision that Supreme Court took recently. To build a kinder world for everyone we need to be kinder towards the animals that are just as much part of this world as us.

Recently Supreme Court said that it will examine the laws regarding the safety and protection of stray animals and come up with a stricter punishment for the crimes that are being done against these mute and helpless beings.

Right now there is no separate law for the crimes that are being committed against the animals such as killing or maiming. All these crimes come under the category of offenses against the property of people.
Sadly since the stray animals come under no one’s property, this law can only help the pet animals. The harsh reality is that while killing a pet can put someone behind the bars for up to five years, killing a stray animal which comes under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, only punishes a person by giving putting a fine of Rs. 50 on them.

To put this thing away which differentiate between a pet animal and a stray animal, the court has decided to examine this law again and put on a harsher punishment and a separate provision for crimes committed against the stray animals.

Advocate Prashant Bhushan told a bench of justice:
“It does not behove a civilized society that the only punishment for hacking a puppy to death is a paltry Rs 50 fine and no jail term. It flies in the face of our constitutional duty under Article 51A(g) which enjoins us to have compassion for all living beings and not just humans.”

Well, slowly but we are moving towards a better world where there is peace and love for every being.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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