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Well, in the last few months, you must have heard of this name - Biplab Deb, yes he is the man who can show a middle finger to absurdity with utter confidence. He is basically the product that happened when ‘Nonsense’ had sex with ‘Low IQ’.
His statements make no sense at all and can give so much headache that we will be in desperate need of a Saridon, Oh, I am sorry, wo to government ne ban kardi hai na? I wish Biplab ko kar dete!
Sometimes, I wonder if he is really high on some drug created by the genius Walter White, you know, 99.1 percent pure *Breaking Bad Feels*

So, here is a compilation of times when Biplab proved that he is from Venus:-

1). When he showered his knowledge on the standards of beauty and left everyone hitting their heads on a wall

2). I really want to know where the fuck did he learn economics because he is clearly screwed at this subject

3). This might make it to a Masala film because clearly the logic is missing here

4). If only my dear Biplab had studied some history, he’d have known that Tagore had rejected the knighthood bestowed upon him by the Queen.

5). And let us end our list with THE BEST, fuck, I really need to meet his drug peddler

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- Shivam
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