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With the first season of Comicstaan, we got many new comedians and a lot of them have already become our favourite. Amethi’s Prashasti Singh is one of the comedians who instantly became the crowd’s favourite with her unique way of talking and her comic timing.
Her funny observations and unabashed comedy made her set in the first season our favourite. There is something about the way she talks, it makes you feel an instant connection and also the way she delivers her joke, it is very funny and unique and we love it.

But recently Prashasti talked to the Humans of Bombay and shared a completely different part of her life. She talked about what gave her the courage to fight with the society, deal with the personal tragedy that was going on and to make a career out of comedy.

This girl from Amethi grew up in a small town and was interested in studies. She did her graduation from Delhi after which she found a job and started working in Bangalore. Everything was going well, she was working, enjoying her first relationship and was enjoying living in her happy bubble but then suddenly her father died of heart attack. And life unexpectedly changed.

“Everything changed after his death and that bubble burst. My perspective began to shift... overnight I grew up. I was in a daze -- our family wasn’t prepared for this. We didn’t know anything about our finances --we didn’t know how to move on.”
She started dealing with her loss by focusing on studies. But even when she started seeing life through different eyes, society still remained the same and expected her to find a guy and settle down. In between this mad race of settling down, she found her true love – comedy.

“While experimenting with online dating -- I found such species of men...what do I tell you? Those who I liked were seeing someone else or only wanted something ‘casual’. In the heights of desperation, I joined an improv class -- I didn’t find the B of boy also, but I found Comedy!”
“I went to my 9-5 job and then to stand-ups at night -- my boy problems became so irrelevant! And then Comicstaan happened -- everything I’d taken so seriously, about being 30 and single -- I started to joke about! What was I thinking? How did I make it such a big deal?’”

Comedy not just gave her confidence but she started falling in love with herself.
“Through comedy, I realised that the love I was looking for in someone else was already there in me! I perform pretty much 7 nights a week now, and when I hear people laugh with me -- I fall in love with myself a little more. This was what I was looking for all along right? ‘First love’ isn’t best love --self love is.”
Way to go Prashasti.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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