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When photography and technology is used to create awareness, to tap into the feelings and human emotions, it can create magic effectively. Human imagination is vast and the more you are aware, the more imaginative you are going to get. Slevin Aaron uses his imaginations and uses technology to visually let the audience view into his head.
Slevin Aaron is a photographer, born in 1991 in Poland, he is devoted in learning from scratch. In the page of Deviant Art, he described himself: "I am a photographer who wants to continually develop, discover new things, new techniques, more and more deeply immersed in my imagination and bring out the newer and more interesting stories and ideas…I cannot imagine my life without camera in my hand and without an eye sticked to the viewfinder."
Secret Garden is one of the wonderful projects directed by the photographer himself. These are some magnificent vision to the eye but it has emerged from a though process. The portraits show women in cloudy water, surrounded by plants and flowers. Now look out for the visionary here:
1. Since, the setting of the pictures is already mentioned, it will be unfair to describe the pictures as these are abstract. You will see what you want to see.
2. For this series, the photographer filled a bathtub with water and mixed it with milk.
3. The artist, as you can tell is in love with Melancholia and finds beauty in tragic situation.
4. The models were asked to float half-submerged and you can see that the models are surrounded by different natural objects.
5. What makes the pictures interesting is that the milky picture with natural objects convey something where the milk seems like fog.
The ambience or the vibe of the pictures are almost like a funeral, such a piece of art!
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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