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Craig Burrows captured some of the most outlandish pictures of flowers using techniques which is called UVIVF (Ultraviolet-Induced Visible Fluorescence Photography). These pictures will give you a sense of otherworldly vision which uses ultraviolet light to cause substances to fluoresce.
The process in the photography used by Craig is extremely tricky in nature and that is what causes the beautiful result you are going to see:
Ok, so if you are thinking if these pictures are for real or edited, let’s just say, its pure science.
How are these pictures clicked you ask? The photographer mounted his floral subjects onto a metal stand and then used a remote trigger to sound off a 10-20 second exposure.
During the 10-20 second of exposure, the photographer and everyone in the room had to hold their breath for that particular frame of time till the shutter closed.
Even the smallest air movement or petal droop results the frame to get blurred.
These flowers look like they have been transported from James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ movie.
The bright and shining pigmented petals in flowers have a stark contrast with the black background.
These seems like all glittery and maybe, in a while, fireflies will join the flower too.
To give you an example of the technique used, lets simply put a vision into your mind that how your white shirt shines in a cosmic golfing, this is that.
“It’s definitely not an especially easy type of photography,” Burrows said.
After finishing photographing these flowers, he found that daisies and sunflowers have the strongest pollen fluorescence.
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Author: Srinanti Bagchi
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