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Lara Jean Covey is like all of us. Watching her dreaming and disappearing in her fantasies made me realise that there were so many times when I could relate to her and I think many of you would also relate to her.

1. The time when she preferred fantasy over reality.

2. When she preferred eating junk and putting face mask than socialize.

3. She knows how to dodge an awkward situation – just run away from it.

4. When she doesn’t need words to talk.

5. She has a love-hate relationship with her siblings.

6. Her room is always a mess.

7. When she decides that she needs to get rid of the mess that she has in her life, she starts with her room.

8. For her Saturday means binge watching Golden Girls.

9. The favourite scrunchie is a real and big deal.

10. She is obsessed with romance and romantic novels.

11. Just like all of us she daydreams about her crushes and imagines having a conversation with them in her head.

12. She is the queen when it comes to getting stuck in an awkward situation.

13. She wrote letters for her crushes but never had the stomach to go to them and give them the letters.

14. She is in love with Peter kavinsky. And come on who isn’t in love with him.

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Author: Anjali Semwal
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